ZOC Scripts

A number of automated ZOC Terminal REXX scripts are very useful at automating repetitive tasks often performed in the game. Simple scripts can be created by simply “Script” “Record Script” and then either a taskbar button on the top of the terminal can be mapped to that script, or a function key can be mapped. Here’s an example:

F2=use rations
F3=run north (fleeing encounter)
F4=run south
F5=run east
F6=run west
F7=teleport to complex
F8=teleport to furthest base
F9=combat script
F10=sell all weapon/armor/equipment to complex

A faster series of combat scripts was developed if the script above is not fast enough. S1 = faster, S5 = slower. S1 S2 S3 S4 S5

Yet another series of scripts is needed for extremely fast servers. S1F S2F S3F S4F S5F

Here’s a dangerous combat script, useful for finding the oracle or gaining experience: S10-AUTO It will automate many of the repetitive keystrokes including hitting ‘5’ for the next encounter. Storms, hunger or low HP can be VERY dangerous with this script.

Map scanning script for the missile bases. Requires a floppy disk. This script will systematically scan an entire level with 20 sequential scan requests. Very useful for locating enemy bases or other interesting objects/encounters on the current map level.

ZOC scripts that travel from the complex to your closest base, teleport from your highest level base to the lowest level base or back in the other direction are not provided because they obviously must be customized to every player and every map. In ZOC, go to “Script” “Record REXX Script”

Examples of oracle hunting using the S10-AUTO script to speed things up:

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