Odyssey Map FAQ

ODYSSEY – A brand-new OOII map created in 2021 featuring highlights from other maps

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  • Why title the map Odyssey? Just like in the epic, many pathways will take you very far from home before you have a chance to return.
  • What is the map difficulty? Some elements are easier than most maps, others are more difficult. Convoluted routes to get back to the complex is the primary difficulty. Certain map elements like two safe hole-down routes right next to the complex make fighting on levels 1 & 2 and returning items to the complex for money very easy.

  • Is this a survival map? No. Pits are only sparsely placed in selected areas and are only occasional navigational hazards on the lower levels.
  • What hazards are out there? Besides one-way hole down pathways that take you a long way from the complex (always carry extra rations & medpacks) there is a small section of the map on level 3 that you cannot escape from. If you are trapped here, you must either use a Telegrasp or commit suicide to escape.

  • What else should I know before starting this map? Remember that pits can either be dangerous and slip you to the next level occasionally or be perfectly stable. Jumping into a “dangerous” pit may give you access to areas of the map that are normally inaccessible. Mark on your map which pits are stable and which ones are dangerous, as you may need to use both.
  • Where should I build bases? This map is designed to discourage base use by giving you access to most levels very quickly — once you know where to look. You should be able to use bases for item storage rather than for traveling between levels.

  • What maps inspired elements in this map? You will find major design elements of OXBOW, BAMORAS, and ABYSS in the lower levels. The “pit slide” is an homage to HALBERD. Other influences are XAIMAI corridors, NESSUS’s instant easy access to level 2, STEALTH’s inaccessible areas, the pit “minefield” from DREANIN, the “land in a wall decision boundary” of WARZONE, and the convoluted navigation of PANGAEA.